Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stayin' Alive....

I'm just listening to Stayin' Alive and talking to the husband about our weight loss goals...a vacation we are planning...and I was offered a promotion at work. You know I got down on myself and then I started thinking about the book The Secret...and I tell ya I am getting my world back on track...and it doesn't hurt that I haven't worked since last Thursday night. To all my fellow blogger's that gave me a pep talk thanks a is so great to have peeps out there that can get you through a tough time!! :)

I ate crappy today...but I feel better. I did go to the grocery store today and bought all kind of fruit, veggies, lean meats...and I actually came home cleaned and cut up the fruits & veggies. Yummy...Louisiana strawberries are my favorite!! :) Also, I did follow Roni's freezer tricks which is freezer looks great now. :) Thanks Roni.

So anyway, I work this weekend...ALL WEEKEND...and I have all the wonderful food I need to eat right and get totally on track!!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy weekend. Burn baby burn...oops just listening to a little Disco Inferno...:)

I will be reading this weekend but probably not posting since I will be working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night!! ;)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Where am I???

Well I am in a slump...not doing so great. I just feel like I am being really down on myself lately!! I attribute it to several things:
1. Not getting back in the groove since vacation.
2. Work...what can I say.
3. The husband's work issues...
4. All the mommy are always fighting...never help around the house...oh did I mention the fighting...I know just two boys being 23 months apart!!!
Well my actual feeling is like when its my TOM...and no that came and past on the 13th! I really feel like going in my room locking the door and crying.

I know I just need to dig myself out of this hole....for one it is just going to make me gain more the way I am up 3 1/2 pounds...and it doesn't make me feel good about myself!! So, damn it...I am going to change my attitude...I feel like Thomas the Tank...I think I can I think I can!! :) Okay, I need to read some blogs...go read a magazine...and maybe watch a movie...things for myself! I will be back and let you know how I feel tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Need a vacation after vacation...

Well of course I am back from my wonderful vacation in Mexico. I do have to say I am GLAD to be back though. I just felt like the choices in Mexico all screamed at me NOOOOOOO. I did eat a lot of cantaloupe and yogurt. I did say no to A LOT of food but it just wasn't my structured out of site out of mind way of living...if you know what I mean. I am talking about food from early morning to late evening everywhere...and if it wasn't food it was drinking time. I didn't let it ruin my vacation but I also had that little voice in the back of my head saying ummm no that is enough.

The down side is I gained 5 pounds on my wonderful vacation the up side is I got a little Montezuma's Revenge and have lost a few pounds and now back to 168.5. I am in no way wishing that upon anyone but hey I had to be positive about the situation since I got it the morning we were heading back on our 6 hour journey home!! :)

I am getting back into the swing of things...not 100% but I really have the motivation. I have to admit I watched Biggest Loser tonight and that motivated me and made me cry! I was really upset with Brittany being the one sent home...she was my favorite.

Well I am off to the next two nights and worked last night!!!

P.S. My goal is to start working out regularly atleast 3 times a week. ;)

P.S.S. You know the two books I got for the vacation well have only gotten to one of them and that is Skinny Bitch...I love's on cd and she really grabs my attention. If you don't like a few "bad words" every now and then it's not the book for you.

Really I am off to bed. I feel like I am in auto mode just typing and not making any sense. Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I know I have been MIA for a couple of days...and I have been eating terribly. I have had to again tonight and tomorrow night...and trying to get everything done for this wonderful trip on Saturday has been a lot of work....getting hair done, buying last minute items, making sure the kids and my mom (who is staying with the kids) has everything they need...just work...and I had to have it done because I work the next two nights. Ok enough about that...

On to me and the confessions...I have been eating awful...carbs (which, in excess do so much damage to me in)...french cream...made enchiladas with real sour cream and full fat cheese...gross......just not right and guess what the scale shows...168 this morning. :( I am sabatoging my mini goal of wanting to lose 5 pounds before the trip. I had a little voice inside my head tell me this don't want to get in to this habit before going on vacation and make bad choices all week long...that is soooo right...because I don't know about you but I can put on weight FAST!! Also, since eating "bad" it has made me very hungry all the time...

So now I vow to eat on plan from now till the trip and try to do my best during the week of my trip. Atleast I know how to make much healthier choices and know what to stay away from. Before starting this journey, I really didn't know what was a better choice out of two options (if that makes sense).

I did go get my hair done this am which makes me feel better about myself...I am not going to beat myself up over this...although it does disgust me...I am going to GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Motivating Monday!!

Ok first things first...ever had a moment when you say "I'm never drinking again"? Well I am having one of those moments...I had some wine last night...and lets just say I am hurrrtttaann! :) I hardly ever drink...had a great day...did some house work...washed the vehicles with the hubby...decided we would have a drink or two or three sitting on the patio...well did I tell you I am NEVER drinking wine again...ok off my soap box.

I am still losing...yay...The scale showed 166 this am!! :) I am excited. I hadn't seen my parents in a while and when they saw me they couldn't believe it. That makes me feel great!! More coworkers are noticing's hard to tell what someone looks like in scrubs. I am just so motivated.

I bought some frozen meals this weekend incase I don't have time to fix something for lunch...I work three nights this week...and theeeennnn....yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooo it's off to Mexico on Saturday morning!! :)

I hope you have a happy Monday...I am off to nap for work tonight (ok maybe for the hangover too)!! ;~p