Friday, February 29, 2008

Working Weekend...

I feel great this morning...I got up and ate a bowl of ff yogurt with cherry almond granola in it...lots of fiber and protein....and YES I did drink 2 glasses of water!! :) I didnt have any caffeine because I work I need to sleep at some point today!

Wednesday I had a first...I did a bad thing...I didn't eat near all my points...I think I had 17 points but the down fall was that I ate a late I wasn't hungry!!! Well yesterday I made up for it...I ate over my points. The scale is still the same...which is a good long as it's not up...I'm good!! :) I have three more pounds until I reach that personal goal for next Saturday!! :)

I bought two new books to bring with me to Mexico...we will see if I get to read them. I bought one on cd so I could listen to it on my ipod on the trip over and back! I bought Skinny Bitch and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose...I am really excited...I will let you know what I think of both!!

I am going to treat my body right this weekend...I am going to make healthy choices (I work this weekend so "my day" changes)...I WILL DRINK MY WATER AT WORK...sorry had to yell that because I work 12 hr shifts and I don't drink enough water or any liquid for that matter!!

Anyway...don't know if I will be posting this have a wonderful and healthy weekend. :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Day....

Well today I made up for working Monday night and not sleeping during the day yesterday...I feel really good today...and the scale said I was down even with the slip ups. That is motivation to stay on the right path....

I have had my water cup with me today....I have really been drinking my water!! I am determined to reach that goal by Saturday (losing 5 pounds).

I went to Target favorite store...and ran across the new hostess 100 calorie pack Banana Streusel Muffin...oh my goodness they are awesome...I love bananas though...and they are only 1 point...they have 4 grams of fiber too!!! I love them!!!

For dinner tonight I am grilling some chicken...I hope I don't singe my hair...I am dangerous in the kitchen much less around the gas grill.

I am gonna try on all my new stuff for the trip and bag up everything I don't want and return it....I am so bad about that...I am GOING to send everything back tomorrow...that is my goal.

Well off I go to try on all the stuff I bought for the trip so I can start packing...unpacking...adding to and all that crazy ocd stuff I do!! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tantalizing Tuesday...

Well I worked last night...slept for about 20-30 minutes body feels funky!! I had (had is the key word) the right mind set...but my mind went and I just didn't care today....I didn't go overboard...maybe I did...I don't know...but I do know that I did indulge in the thin mint cookies my husband brought home!!! Those darn thin mints...6 points!! I used 33.5 points today! And I didn't drink the water I needed too.

It's okay I did good on Monday...I am going to turn it around and have a great day tomorrow! I really wanted to drop 5 more pounds before our trip...I know I am not supposed to focus on the scale but that was just the number I really wanted to hit!! I guess that can be my goal...I don't work until the it should be doable...cause the weekend is my downfall...and I work so that is a good thing!! :) SO...that is my challenge to myself can I lose 5 pounds before next Saturday??? Yes, I can....I will...I will!! Please motivate me or give me a kick in the ass if I screw up!

Okay it starts now...I am going to the kitchen...ok I know what you're thinking...damn girl I am going to get a glass of H2O!!! :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Rambling Monday....

Monday is the start of a new week...I didn't do well over the weekend and the scale shows...I gained a pound! Well...the husband and I went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on some good food for the week...and I got some stuff to pack lunch for work...I am excited!! You know why...well for one 12 days until vacation and 2 three months ago after having a bad day or two days...I would have just taken off with it and eaten everything in sight!!! Now I feel bad (literally) when I eat bad...I think about it...and I want to change it immediately!! I woke up this morning drinking water...and planning my day....because that is the only way I can know that I will be on plan!! :)

The talk yesterday at the lunch table with the husband and the other couple going to Mexico was....I just can't do it (lose weight)...I have tried and it just doesn't work...I just zipped my lips because it's like an one wants to hear from the girl losing weight!! ;) I did think about saying something but everybody at that table knows that I am losing weight...and everybody at that table knows they too can lose weight!!

I am just excited about the week....I hope you are too!!!! ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping Sunday...

Well...the husband and I along with another couple (the couple we are going to mexico with) are going to eat lunch and go shopping. I went shopping yesterday with the wife of the couple and I have to say swim suits are not looking sexy!!! The clothes I tried on were smaller and for that I was really excited!!! :)

The problem I have is that when I have problems or alot on my mind...I want to eat...yes I ate yesterday...not terrible...well lunch yes was terrible...mexican food again...dinner not sooo bad. I only have 2 weeks left until vacation...hello...the scale still says 169 as of this obviously I am doing something right!!

When we get home the husband is going to get the suitcases out and yes I am going to start packing!!! As I read on another reminded of me...I will probably pack and unpack and pack again. The main reason I have not gotten the suitcases out is because I add more and more to them to where the husband has one bag and I have 3!!! Well I am gonna try not to do that this time....last year when we went to Cabo...yes I did do that!

Well, I am off to shop....maybe I will post an update tonight on how I did eating out again...:)

Friday, February 22, 2008

A little stumble....

Ok....I have been doing so well on plan....that is until this morning. I worked two nights in a row...a friend asked "you wanna go to IHOP?" I said "sure!!" Well needless to say I went to IHOP and no I didn't get the egg beaters omelette...or anything remotely healthy. I opted for the eggs, bacon, and pancakes...with the butter and hot maple syrup...oh yeah I did drink a diet coke...yoohoo. I know I can't beat myself up about this...and I haven't gone to sleep yet so I am up almost 24 hours now and running on fumes...but I felt like I needed to come home and read some blogs to get motivated!!! I don't want to let this be the start to a bad weekend!!! Hopefully I will get remotivated and let this just be a little stumble not a weekend of falling flat on my face! :)

Off to take a nap before the kids get home...then I plan to get up and get motivated again!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Staying on Plan...

I am starting to think I need to journal my food online...maybe that will motivate me to make better choices. I am staying on plan and losing weight....but still not making great choices. I do journal my food on WW online as I am a member of that I don't know.

I have lost another 2 pounds and TOM is visiting!!! So, losing is really good for me! :) It is keeping me really motivated...I have been craving mexican food really bad but that is the only thing I am craving and have been since Monday!!! I just figured that it is not worth it...I am going to mexico in 2 1/2 weeks so I will my fill in Puerto Vallarta!! You would think I am spanish eating mexican food all the time....going to Mexico every year. I always joke with my husband that I should have married a spanish man!! :) Just a joke though! My husband is the best!!

Speaking of Mexico...I need to research what I can eat their...I mean I know the salsa, fruit, chicken fajita meat....but they like to make a lot of casseroles. I already told myself I am not going to beat myself up over making bad choices (I'm going to try and limit them) of course I am staying I will have a cocktail or two or three...hehe. The scale will ultimately tell how well or how bad I have done.

I have not gotten on the treadmill today...woke up with a headache and I have to work I am trying to get rid of the headache. Of course, what do I turn to?? Diet Coke...and advil. Actually that is all I have put in my mouth today since I just woke up...

Wow, I sure did ramble on...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday....

Well...we ended up going to Carrabas for dinner on Saturday night...YES I blew it...I'm over and moving on...except that I have paid for it stomach has been so messed up...lesson learned.

I am done with my yucky messed up schedule and back to my regular schedule...this week I just have Wednesday and Thursday left to work!! :)

I plan on getting back on the treadmill tomorrow...I am feeling 90% back to myself (since having the flu and RAD).

We now have 19 days till we go to MEXICO....I can't wait. I am really trying to talk myself into doing what everyone else wants to line...I am so scared of heights!! YIKES!!! We are going to have a great time.

I have been on plan for the most part since that bad meal Saturday night...haven't made great choices but have stayed within points...I need to lessen my carb intake...I am a true carbohydrate addict...yes I am admitting it...I need more veggies, fruits, and WATER!!! :)

Ok I am going to fix a glass of water!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The weekend...

I am doing great on plan. I am soooo tired. I worked Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday night and I work tomorrow night....this is when my body says I want carbs. I hate feeling like this because it takes extra effort to say no no no when you are tired and have had little sleep.

The husband and I are going with another couple (the couple we are going to Puerto Vallarta with) to eat at Olive Garden tonight so I guess I need to research on the net what I can eat before just going their and making a mindless decision to get some creamy pasta dish...

I am doing much better planning and bringing my lunch and snacks to is working much better than trying to find something in the cafeteria.

Well I need to go get ready for tonight!! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day....

Happy Valentine's Day to all...I am just starting my day since I work tonight...but I have already been offered candy 3 times by the kids and I have said no thank you to all. I am on a roll right now feeling better...eating right...feeling better about myself and my choices. It's amazing when you have a few good days how much easier it is to decide what you want to put in your mouth...:). The husband is not doing so good...he said he is giving up...but I am not going to let that hinder my progress.

Wellllllll offfff to work I go....hope I can stay awake..... ;~p

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That is what my scale read this am!! I had to wipe my eyes to make sure I was seeing the number my first thought was ohhh you could really screw this number up or you can take it and I am glad to say so far soooo good. I do work tonight so I am going to pack my lunch so I don't have to eat the junk in the cafeteria.

I really am pumped up about this...Mexico in 4 1/2 weeks...I can do this. The only down side which i don't want to even think about yet is that we are going all-inclusive...yeah...i know i know i know.

Well I am off to fix dinner for the rest of the family.... :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting Back On Track...

Okay I am feeling better but not great....but I am trying to get my mindset back on track. I go back to work tomorrow night so I am trying to think of things I can fix and pack for snacks and lunches because I work....Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday...yuck yuck and of course I work all night shifts.

I am making a meatloaf tonight with extra lean ground beef and I really wanted to feel better so I could go to the market and get some zucchini and squash...i love tricking the family by steaming the veggies and putting in the food processor and adding to meat tastes great too!! :)

I am hoping to get back to exercising by Saturday...I really don't want to push it because of the wheezing...but that is what I am hoping for and using "The Secret" to make it happen!!! :)

Well, I am off to do some things around here.

I forgot...I am gonna add pics soon...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well still sick...went to Urgent Care twice this week. They told me I had Bronchitis on Wednesday...had flu shot in October...went back this am because I felt like I was suffocating. Long story short...I got a breathing felt wonderful. Also, testing me for the flu and voila I have the flu!!! :( This MD told me flu shot seems to last 3 months...that would be about right....ok off my soap box.

I really haven't been following points or anything because I have just been in bed and not eating much...well after a breathing treatment...and feeling a little better....what did I do...ate Popeyes. Yes I did! That is why I am posting this so maybe I will be better the rest of the day! :)

Well I am off to get back in bed. I hope to be back on track by that I mean...eating normal, counting points, exercising, and all that good stuff!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I felt like I was in such a groove...then I got sick. I just want to get well soon so I don't lose the motivation that has been with me for the last couple of weeks.

I am headed for Mexico in 4 weeks and want to be able to feel a little bit better about myself. :)

Well I am headed back to bed....trying to feel better so that I can go to work to only have enough PTO to go on vacation!! :(

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I know it's been a while for a post...I have been focusing. I am down 9!! :) I am doing better with really watching what I put in my mouth...just not all the time. I have to learn food is not the enemy but rather a friend...for goodness sake it gives you the fuel to run on. I mean if I really think about it....I don't just go anywhere to fill my car up with gas...I look for somewhere with decent gas. Hmmm put that way makes me think more...

On to other news...I have been doing cardio the last two weeks. I haven't really noticed a change in my stamina but I feel better doing it.

I really don't feel well, as I have a sore throat. I am going to sign off.