Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things....

DISNEY WAS A BLAST!!! It was hot and crowded but it was awesome! The longest line we stood in was about 20-30 minutes. We had lots of character dinners/breakfasts...that was really fun. It was a great family trip...and the kids survived their first flight!! :~)

Did I mention the food was AWESOME...we didn't have a bad meal. Unfortunately, it wasn't lean and mean. Several of the meals came to the table on platters...with unlimited refills. I did eat the veggies every meal...but I did eat the awful calorie laden crap too! Like I said though, every meal was excellent (except last day at downtown Disney...but it was just ok meal).

After getting back, ummmm Sunday before last...I had to work...then came the youngest child's birthday...

With all that said, it has been really difficult to get back to where I need to be mentally. I gained of course...according to my wonderful scale that I have a love/hate relationship with...7 it's at 6 wonderful pounds. I know I ate bad but I also walked my butt off and sweated practically the whole freaking time! I am not going to dwell on it because I had an awesome time and I don't want to take away from the trip...because we loved it. So, I need to get back to blogging...I really need the support...I need to get back to my Couch to 5K...and I definately need to eat right and drink my water!!!! Commitment...that is my plan!Thanks to everyone that has left messages...that is what really keeps me going. Like I said in my last post...I did read my blog sites...just didn't post. Then when I got home...I got busy and in a if you ignore it you don't have to face it...well I am facing it head on!!! I did not start this journey to gain weight back. I need to remember how miserable I was when I was my heaviest last year!!

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great week!!! I know I can do this!!!! :~P

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Rant...

Just a quick update...I work crazy nights this week and next to go on vacation!! Yay vacation...Disney here we come!! I am really looking forward to 11 days off work....sometimes I think my body really needs "normal people" hours every once in a while. Working nights, I always feel like I am tired!! :~P

Okay...I jumped on the scale this morning after work and it actually said 164...OMG...I am not gonna jump up and down yet...but down is the direction I want to be heading!!!! What was my goal...150's before Disney...hell-to-the-yeah!!

As far as points...I used all my WP a couple of days ago...honestly I've been working so I don't remember when...but I have stayed on target with my daily points every day!!!

Have a of the weekend...and Happy Father's Day to all of you men out in the blogoshere!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Still OP...

As I sit here saying I am still on track...I just had 3 oreos and a glass of milk...that is why I like WW. I know I will NEVER give up sweets...but in moderation I know I can still have them if I have the points. I did have the points and yes it was 6 points for that...but it was good!!! I still have 8 points remaining for the day...I really want a salad for I will probably fix one when I get to work and bring my dressing!

I haven't done any scheduled exercise...but I did take the stairs all night at work Friday and Saturday...which I could really feel!!! I don't even remember yesterday because I decided since I worked Fri and Sunday...then work again Monday...that I wouldn't go to sleep yesterday!!! HAHA...I am not as young as I once was...and by 10pm last night I felt like I was drunk....not a good idea!! Needless to say, I won't be doing that again. :~P We live and learn.

As far as the scale is concerned...all that shitty eating last week...I went from 165 back up to 170...but now am back down to 166 as of this morning!!! Yay me!!! Now I know I didn't actually gain 5 pounds and lose 5 pounds in one week...I also was not drinking my water...and TOM was last week!!! So...I am still on track and will be!

I just had to buy some shorts for our Disney trip and I have been waiting and waiting...just thinking...that I could buy a size smaller...but I didn't. Oh well...see what screw ups do.

Well...I am off to take a nap since I get to work tonight!!! Of course it is suppose to be a really busy night...because summer is our busiest. :~PI hope everyone has a great day and drink lots of H2O!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

On a Mission Again...

Thanks to everyone for their great support...I really appreciate it!!! I am back on track...and I am DETERMINED!! Sorry I had to yell so that I can engrave it into my brain...LOL.

I worked last night...and can I tell ya...I walked up and down the stairs ten million times...and up and down the halls countless times!!! My calves are really sore feels good.

Like I said an OP day yesterday...nothing like motivation!!! :~P I worked again I AM going to have another OP day (or night depending on how you look at it).

I am getting really excited about our Disney World trip...only 16 days away!!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful is HOT here...only 91 degrees!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


I am challenging myself to a great weekend...which includes...staying op, drinking plenty H2O, finishing week 2 of Couch to 5K (which should have been completed like a month ago...I just keep doing one or two of the workouts...then I have to start that week over), work in the flower beds, playing outside with the kids...the only thing is...TOM is creeping up anyday now...and this will definately be a challenge!!!I weighed this am...which really isn't fair since I worked last night...but I weighed 166.5...arrrrggg. I have to stay positive...and reassure myself that I have had some slip ups this week and TOM is around the corner...but that this is a journey and I just need to keep plugging along.Oh and my feet are sooooo swollen. I hate that when I am on my feet for the most part of 13 hrs my feet will swell. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't...I'm sure it happens more around my monthly feels like my feet are gonna POP right now!!! And no I don't have cankles...haha.I getting ready to take a nap for a couple of hours since I have been up since ummmm one something yesterday afternoon!! :~PI hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a GREAT weekend!!

Here's to me and my iPod hitting the pavement...not literally!! :~P

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Day, Yummy Dinner, and a Wonderful Walk...

Okay...I feel like I really accomplished a lot today!! I went to the fruit/veggie stand...and spent $ goodness...atleast I know that it is good stuff going in my body!! Then I took my two growing boys grocery shopping at Wally-World...ummm I won't even go there with how much I spent...LOL! I did get some lean cuts of meat and I am really happy I have a stocked fridge and freezer. I used Roni's freezer method for my lean ground beef...I love packaging it that way.
I cleaned out the freezer...a bag of sugar had broken in the freezer and needless to say disaster!!! So, I finally took care of that and organized while I was at it!!
My son asked if he could clean the house today for $30 and I said oh yes you can (after I said cleaning all the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc....he agreed) he did that!!! YIPPPPPEEEE!!
I cooked dinner...and it was soooo good. My youngest son wanted stuffed bell that's one of the things we bought at the fruit/veggie stand...I have a picture but it was after I had taken a bite... the pic doesn't look the best. I just had to show you what I cooked....yum!!

Then after dinner the hubby and I took a nice walk...wasn't Couch to 5k...but it was nice. I had to keep telling hubby to speed it up...LOL!! here is my walk...

The only thing lacking today is the water intake...which I am working on and hopefully will meet my goal!!
Oh yeah...and I had to buy some Breyers ff ice cream (chocolate)...shame on me!! I hope I can eat just the serving size of 1/2 cup...haha!!
Hope everyone else had an awesome day!! :~P

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Twix Commercial

This is husband would say "this is a set up"....I love this I revert back to it thinking that is sooooo me....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Working Weekend makes for a funky Friday....

Hey to all...hope you have a fun, safe, and healthy Memorial Day weekend. I will be working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights...yuckola! It always puts me in a funky mood on Friday knowing that everybody else is ending their week and I am just starting my week!!

Today has been a good day so far for eating...I say so far because I had to take a nap so when I'm sleeping I'm not screwing up!! :) I had my favorite toasted wrap and diet coke when I woke was yummy!!I won't be posting much this weekend because I will be working and sleeping...:). I am gonna go to the in-laws on Sunday evening before work...they are having a barbeque. That is the only thing I have planned this weekend except for working. Pretty boring I know!

Hopefully by the end of the weekend...because of the time constraints and walking so much at work....I hope to be down on the scale!! I was at 167 this morning when I weighed...up 2 from the other day. I keep telling myself...eating unhealthy + not exercising as much as I should = higher numbers on the freakin scale!!! One day it will sink in and I will follow. Actually, I have done good today and I have some Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones meals to bring to excuses to eat that cafeteria food!!!

Again...everyone have a great weekend!! :~)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do I have Sucker stamped across my forehead...

Well good day yesterday...and I am kicking myself right now for today already!! Sooo if you don't know it...I'm a mexican food lover!! Today was the kid's last day of school...we met the husband at everybody's favorite mexican rest. Well I got my taco al carbon...ate a few bites of the rice and none of the beans and only 1 1/2 of the al carbon...not terrible but...ordering the gets to me and someone at the table said dr. not even thinking...I go along...WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I am a sucker for full blown coke or dr. pepper. I have been doing so good with drinking diet coke (I know it's bad for you but so is living in cancer alley...haha)...and then I have a gallon of dr. pepper...not really but still. Okay my lunch I figured up to be points...12 points (the only thing I have eaten today)...not bad right...dr. pepper 6 points...that is TERRIBLE!! Then my wheels start spinning...already 18 points down the drain...then 300 empty calories on top of that...I could have eaten a bunch more for less!!! :(I stopped at the grocery after that meal and bought for dinner it's chicken, brown rice, and peas. I am to vow not to drink full blown soda...and what about my short term goal...okay I am going to stay on track...this is it. But like I stated in a post the other day...I did it, I own it, and I have to move on.I'm going to get on the treadmill...wonder how long it will take to burn those 300 hundred calories of dr pepper...stop it...stop it...

P.S. I finally got the husband to go on a walk after dinner last was so nice walking & talking and being able to just chill!! :~P

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

computer crash, end of school year, scarfing food, and which one to blog...

Hey everybody!! :~P I am still here. My title says it computer crashed so I had to reinstall it took a couple of days for that...because I procrastinated all weekend. But, I am happy to say my computer is up and running.

It is the end of the school year for the kids and can I tell you they are or should I say we are BUSY!! This is the last week and they are done after Thursday! I have to tell ya...they were saying that they don't have to go to school Thursday because it doesn't count as an absence anyway...and why would they make us go to school until 1030am...all we do is watch movies. So, the great MOM I am...I told them I contacted your teachers and Thursday is all they are thinkin yeah we don't have to go to school! I told them (they are almost 12 & 14 mind you) I talked to your teachers and ya'll are all set to stay the full school day until 230pm and help put away everything for the summer and help clean classrooms...they looked at me in horror!!! HAHA...then I told them I was just joking. They were VERY relieved to know that it was a joke. :~P

Ok...scarfing food...this one is hard to type so I have to give you the WHOLE story sorry. I worked last night...let me rewind and give you a day in the life of me working minus the end (I usually don't scarf)...I got out of bed from my nap at about 3pm...cooked dinner which is everybody's favorite *(see below bottom post)...ate a few nibbles here and there...had a few reduced fat Cheese Its...was running behind schedule...took a shower got ready and left the house at 5:35pm because I had to go by the mall for the ever so important free gift from Lancome...made it to work for clock-in at 6:38pm...WAS NOT hungry...worked and worked until 10pm and then my stomach was just a talkin to I went to Subway...was very good 6" turkey on wheat...baked lays...and a diet coke! Wellllllll when it came time for "lunch" at 1 am (when I normally eat when I work...not at 10pm)...I was NOT hungry. Okay...I got home at about 815am this morning...I was starving...I mean I was starving...I know you know what I am talking about that gnawing at the inside of your stomach...and I felt like I was going to die...yeah right...but that is what my little sleepy...stressed...hungry brain was telling me. I went through the kitchen like the tasmanian devil...and in no time I ate a Lean Cuisine chicken club pannini...a pack of peanut butter crackers...a glass of cran-grape juice (oh the calories and sugar before bed)...and oh a handful of reduced fat cheese its...oh then it's off to bed I go...because it's my night time. Can I tell you how embarrassed I felt for myself? I can't tell you how long it has been where I have just lost all self control and went through the kitchen like an uncontrollable 16 pound **chihuahua on prednisone...haha.'s's over with...I MUST move on and not let it replay in my brain like I do for things that happened at work when I am trying so hard to go to sleep!! :)

Ok...which one to blog...I did set up an account on Blog to Lose...I am debating whether to post on this one...that one...or both??? I like it...but I don't necessarily like the fact that people see your every post...change...addition...maybe I just don't adjust to change very well. I do love the concept and I do love the options it gives you...that was my only beef with it...but I could get over that minor issue quickly!! :) I do however consider this my first blog...I am so torn. I know I am being silly but it is kind of like a boyfriend...HEEELLLPPP!! I don't know...I will think about it some more. What do ya'll think...??

As far as the exercise front...I am going to get on the treadmill once I finish this post. I have been neglecting it and I feel soooo much better when I exercise!! :~P

The scale...the scale is still fluctuating between 164.5-167...what can I say...the episode this morning will not tip the scale in the direction I want it to. Note to self: Scarfing food will only get you higher numbers on the scale...oh and give you heartburn!! :)

Sorry for such a long post and rant...I just had so much to say...and now I feel like it is all off my chest!!!

*baked chicken breasts with tom. sauce...a little salt, pepper, garlic, and onions...with a little bit of 2% fancy shredded mozzarella cheese...yummy!
**My chihuahua has Pemphigus (yes, for he is not a is a skin or mucous membrane disorder that causes ulcerations...when not treated...not so wonderful) and is on prednisone and has been for the last 7-8 months and he has gained 7.5 pounds...and he is fierce when he is hungry. LOL

Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been missing...and I have lost...

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO EVERYBODY....I AM STILL ALIVE!!! :) I'm not yelling just trying to get your attention....haha. Well I have been really staying close to plan...I say close because I have a few bumps that have gotten in my way. I am happy to say I am down to 165!!!! YAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!

We are going to Disney World in June and I really, really, really want to be in the 150's by then...and not just 159 because I already know how those vacations go!!! Also, I really hope that I can find descent food on the dining plan and at the resteraunts we chose!!! ;~P I am really excited about the trip...not excited about the HEAT and LOOOONNNGGG LINES though!! It's the hubby's first time going and the kids have only been to MK it's exciting.

On the couch to 5k program...well I am still on WEEK 2!! I made two of the workouts two weeks in a row...but not three...damn it! I have had a tooth that has been killing me and it pretty much has ruled my life...until I have my appointment at the dentist. Can I just say when it hurts and I workout the blood gets's just painful talking about it!! So anyway, I am going to try again this week. I am not beating myself up about it just because I know I am more active now and I am moving around more...but I really, really want to complete the program and I will!!

Happy late Mother's Day to all of you out there!! What did you get?? I got some really cool things...first of all I got a clean house...hello best present EVER...especially since I worked three nights in a row...then I got some cute pink wrist weights...and a yoga kit...can't wait to try it out!!! Also I got turn down husband is so cute. In the morning after a night of work (not all the time) he straightens the bed up and turns it down for me with my pajamas folded on the bed!! Awe he's so sweet! :)

Well, I hope everyone is on plan and doing great. ;~P

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I got one minute to save the world...

That is what I was singing in my head when my legs felt like a linkin log tower about to collapse...of course I was listening to 4 minutes by Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake...

Day one...WEEK TWO...Another one bites the dust....and I am fee-el-ing it!! :) I really am enjoying doing this program because I feel like structure is what I need. I know I could probably run longer times...but I know I would quit because it's not something structured...that is why Couch to 5k is for me!! ;~P

I do have to say I feel really retarded when it comes to figuring out when I need to walk and when I need to run...I start out saying ok at 5 min run ok at 6:30 walk...then I am like when do I stop running again...yeah I I got the pencil out and marked it on a sheet. Although, I will say it made time go by pretty fast pondering when I was supposed to stop!! Anybody else have that prob or am I the only cool one with that problem??

Okay...I need to go do laundry before the hubby gets home so he thinks I have been a wonderful wife on my day off...hahaha!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Rant...

Just a quick update....I finished my 1st week of Couch to 5K...WOOOOHOOOO!!! :) I am just loving the energy. I don't love the hip pain...or the cracked heel I have (I remember now why I quit running and gained all this weight...haha). You know I started thinking yeah 170 pounds bouncing up and down no wonder my heel cracked...haha! Hey NO PAIN NO GAIN??? I am okay with the little demons that are trying to get me to stop...they are messing with a bad ass mamma right now. All joking aside, I feel great!!!

Today, I have already accomplished a lot...3 loads of laundry...cleaned the kids bathroom (yuck 2 boys) vacuumed the house...went to the tanning bed (yeah I know it's not good for ya but neither is living in cancer alley)...cleaned the kitchen...and now I am off to bed. I have to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! :)

Oh, one last husband said to me this morning...gawd you are just all into everything huh?? I said yup...I want to be healthy, happy, and full of energy!! ;~P He is happy for me...he has no choice...we've been married 14 years...goodness that makes me feel old!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

Okay...I am feeling so much better...I mean I have energy (I'm still sluggish to get out the freakin bed in the morning...I am a night owl ya know)...I am sore and lovin it...I did day two of week one Couch to 5K yesterday morning and I love it. I have been staying on plan...but boy am I hungry all the time!! ;~P I have been running around cleaning house...moving more...we are gonna take a family (including the 2 doggies) walk after dinner...and I am soooo motivated!! Yeah I was about to end that sentence with right now but....

I bought a whole bunch of fresh fruit...the kids love the canned fruit and it has so much freakin sugar in it. I made a wonderful fruit salad with fresh pineapple, strawberries, bananas, grapes, apples, was delich...and the hubby and kids loved it!! :) I should have taken a picture of it because it was so pretty's all about presentation for me!!

I work all this weekend...the hubby is taking the kids to the beach...yeah, I am screaming inside...I will have the house ALL to myself...I am super excited and jealous at the same time....I love the beach!! ;~P No, I am not being selfish...this will be the FIRST time in over two years I will be alone in the house...and all it means is that I won't get woken up during the day while trying to sleep (work weekend) it works out for all!! :)

Anyway, I need to finish washing clothes for their trip tomorrow...but I just had to take a minute out and say how pumped I am. Oh yeah, I have been weighing everyday and the scale is staying the same at 171...that sucks...but I keep telling myself that I am not only eating healthier but I am also don't pay attention to that damn thing!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Motivated Monday...nah its Tuesday...

OMG I feel good...I really worked out and I feel good...well as good as one can get on 2 hours sleep in the last 30 hours. You know I really love the blogosphere because you can really get motivated and I DO read them all the time and have gotten really motivated by a lot of blogs...and feel like I have a butt load of blog friends :). BUT I really have to give a shout out to my MOTIVATORS today... Angie All The Way and Girl On A Mission.....thank you, thank you, thank you for the get off your ass you have two legs and a pulse motivation today...I needed it and I did it!! I even broke out the Nike+ I got for Easter...yes I said Easter and I used it and it was so freakin cool!!!! ;~P Thanks to the hubby for the great gift in my basket.

Okay I feel like a child right now because I don't want to go to sleep afraid I will lose the motivation!!!! I have been eating good things and trying to drink my water...trying operative word but I have done much better on the H2O front!

Well I am sure I will be sore a good way...speaking about motivation from reading blogs...everybody's running and I need to catch I did the Couch to 5k but I didn't read it all the way before I got on the treadmill so I went over....oh well up for me.

I feel like this post is all over the place but it's the best I could do...I am off to bed before my face actually lands on the keyboard...:~P