Monday, March 24, 2008

Where am I???

Well I am in a slump...not doing so great. I just feel like I am being really down on myself lately!! I attribute it to several things:
1. Not getting back in the groove since vacation.
2. Work...what can I say.
3. The husband's work issues...
4. All the mommy are always fighting...never help around the house...oh did I mention the fighting...I know just two boys being 23 months apart!!!
Well my actual feeling is like when its my TOM...and no that came and past on the 13th! I really feel like going in my room locking the door and crying.

I know I just need to dig myself out of this hole....for one it is just going to make me gain more the way I am up 3 1/2 pounds...and it doesn't make me feel good about myself!! So, damn it...I am going to change my attitude...I feel like Thomas the Tank...I think I can I think I can!! :) Okay, I need to read some blogs...go read a magazine...and maybe watch a movie...things for myself! I will be back and let you know how I feel tomorrow...


ashley said...

If I had your phone number, I would call you and we could talk about it forever.

You are doing fantastic. I'm not saying that every decision was perfect, but you have made considerable progress. And your habit are changing. You are even taking notice of this when you could just quit. (Plus- remember this is the Monday after a holiday- EVERYONE's scales are up.)

I began my blog to lose 10 lb.s at 144. Now I am 149. I've never been this high. I can understand what it feels like to want to close the door and cry. We try so hard, ad what we perceive as failing can hit home hard.

But we still can not give up. No matter how far away we have gone, if we stop fighting, we lose. You can do it. I can do it. We both know that. Science even knows that!

It doesn't happen overnight. And there will be bad days (and maybe bad weeks, months.. or in my case, years). But isn't it better to take a long time to grow and actually meet your goal?

You have come so far already. You are already ahead. Keep up the great work. (And good job on remaining accountable- I haven't posted my weigh-in for a while!

Crista said...

Don't be so hard on are doing great. I wish I could lose weight like you do. I know that you gained but thats least you are accountable. I can't get past this 187 mark and I've been trying hard..but I just feel that I have to be more strict with myself or something...I just don't know..I have been at this just about as long as you and I lose but then I gain..its very frustrating...I wish my weight would come off like often do you work out? I know your eating patterns are probably way different then mine cause of work...

watchinmyweight said...

Ashley: Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. I really needed that. You are absolutely right. The more I think about's like I am using those things I listed as excuses for my bad eating. And I am not going to give up...I will never be "fat and happy" as some claim they are. ;) I did take the kids to the zoo today and walked around for 3 1/2 hours!! That made me feel better...and the weather was great!

Crista: Again, thanks so much for the words of encouragement. As for working out...sometimes I am in the mode and sometimes I am not. I usually walk on the treadmill...I like a good workout when I do workout...I love the incline...I will put it on the highest setting then...lower it and increase my that I feel like I am getting my times worth!! :) Honestly, I think I lose (when I am on track) quickly becuase of working nights. When I work I don't snack and I have to make myself eat so that I can get my points in (because I get to work at 6:40pm and don't leave until sometimes 8am). The thing I have a hard time doing is drinking my water...getting better but not great.