Monday, March 3, 2008

Motivating Monday!!

Ok first things first...ever had a moment when you say "I'm never drinking again"? Well I am having one of those moments...I had some wine last night...and lets just say I am hurrrtttaann! :) I hardly ever drink...had a great day...did some house work...washed the vehicles with the hubby...decided we would have a drink or two or three sitting on the patio...well did I tell you I am NEVER drinking wine again...ok off my soap box.

I am still losing...yay...The scale showed 166 this am!! :) I am excited. I hadn't seen my parents in a while and when they saw me they couldn't believe it. That makes me feel great!! More coworkers are noticing's hard to tell what someone looks like in scrubs. I am just so motivated.

I bought some frozen meals this weekend incase I don't have time to fix something for lunch...I work three nights this week...and theeeennnn....yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooo it's off to Mexico on Saturday morning!! :)

I hope you have a happy Monday...I am off to nap for work tonight (ok maybe for the hangover too)!! ;~p


Crista said...

i am so happy that you keep losing weight this quickly...very jealous!! i will get there and I know you do a workout routine? and what do you normally you always get veggies and fruits in? like a typical menu for you? The only reason I ask all the questions is that I am at the weight you started right now...and want to get to where you are..i realize everybody is different but any advice will help!!

ThickChick said...

Wow, I just noticed your progress chart - I can't believe how you managed to LOSE over the holidays!
Nice work!!

Ooh, I have those 'never drink again' mornings a few times a year... Rough!

Have fun in Mexico!