Monday, June 9, 2008

Still OP...

As I sit here saying I am still on track...I just had 3 oreos and a glass of milk...that is why I like WW. I know I will NEVER give up sweets...but in moderation I know I can still have them if I have the points. I did have the points and yes it was 6 points for that...but it was good!!! I still have 8 points remaining for the day...I really want a salad for I will probably fix one when I get to work and bring my dressing!

I haven't done any scheduled exercise...but I did take the stairs all night at work Friday and Saturday...which I could really feel!!! I don't even remember yesterday because I decided since I worked Fri and Sunday...then work again Monday...that I wouldn't go to sleep yesterday!!! HAHA...I am not as young as I once was...and by 10pm last night I felt like I was drunk....not a good idea!! Needless to say, I won't be doing that again. :~P We live and learn.

As far as the scale is concerned...all that shitty eating last week...I went from 165 back up to 170...but now am back down to 166 as of this morning!!! Yay me!!! Now I know I didn't actually gain 5 pounds and lose 5 pounds in one week...I also was not drinking my water...and TOM was last week!!! So...I am still on track and will be!

I just had to buy some shorts for our Disney trip and I have been waiting and waiting...just thinking...that I could buy a size smaller...but I didn't. Oh well...see what screw ups do.

Well...I am off to take a nap since I get to work tonight!!! Of course it is suppose to be a really busy night...because summer is our busiest. :~PI hope everyone has a great day and drink lots of H2O!!!

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ashley said...

Congratulations on staying OP and for sticking to your goals in spite of an ugly number. I need to take a lesson from you right now!