Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Rant...

Just a quick update...I work crazy nights this week and next to go on vacation!! Yay vacation...Disney here we come!! I am really looking forward to 11 days off work....sometimes I think my body really needs "normal people" hours every once in a while. Working nights, I always feel like I am tired!! :~P

Okay...I jumped on the scale this morning after work and it actually said 164...OMG...I am not gonna jump up and down yet...but down is the direction I want to be heading!!!! What was my goal...150's before Disney...hell-to-the-yeah!!

As far as points...I used all my WP a couple of days ago...honestly I've been working so I don't remember when...but I have stayed on target with my daily points every day!!!

Have a of the weekend...and Happy Father's Day to all of you men out in the blogoshere!!


MizFit said...

woo hoo!

on all accounts from weight to almost WALT (Disney) time!


Roni said...

Congrats! Just keep doing what you're doing!!