Saturday, June 7, 2008

On a Mission Again...

Thanks to everyone for their great support...I really appreciate it!!! I am back on track...and I am DETERMINED!! Sorry I had to yell so that I can engrave it into my brain...LOL.

I worked last night...and can I tell ya...I walked up and down the stairs ten million times...and up and down the halls countless times!!! My calves are really sore feels good.

Like I said an OP day yesterday...nothing like motivation!!! :~P I worked again I AM going to have another OP day (or night depending on how you look at it).

I am getting really excited about our Disney World trip...only 16 days away!!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful is HOT here...only 91 degrees!!

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Crista said...

Good luck with your mission..I'm here for you if you need anything!! It is awfully hot I hate this's been off and on raining here too..which doesnt help with temperatures :( blah