Friday, April 11, 2008

Whoppin Workin Weekend...

Sorry for being "missing in action"...still trying to get everyone well around here. I went to lots of MD appointments with the husband...he feels better so *keeping fingers crossed* hopefully he's on road to recovery. :)

I am still not 100% commited to my weight loss journey since getting back from vacation...let me rephrase that...I haven't been until this morning when I woke up and said enough is enough I need to whip myself back into reality. I am not getting my fruits and veggies in...I am not getting my water in!!! I know, I know I got up went into the kitchen made a healthy breakfast...but no not before having a glass of water. I felt like singing "I'm a big girl now!"

I just read ...and I know this is no new revolution...on a website that it takes about 12 minutes for a thin person's brain to register when they are full verses about 20 minutes for an obese person...hmmm...I am always shoveling food in so that I can move on to the next thing...I am slowing down now that's for sure.

Well I get to work all body feels so funky when I work three nights in a the third night I feel like I am so not in my body. I have been taking melatonin in the morning (afer working one night shift) so that I can sleep...remember since I was only sleeping for about 4 hours between shifts. I have to say it is working better!! :)

I hope everyone has a healthy and wonderful weekend...just keep me in the back of your mind as I will be sleeping while you are enjoying the sunshine and when you are climbing in that wonderful bed of yours...I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get things done at work...hahahaha. ;~p


Crista said...

I feel like I'm in the same boat as you...lets hang together. i haven't lost any weight in a while, but I guess its good that I'm holding steady....could be worse. I finally posted to you soon!

Crista said...

PS I'm from Illinois and love it. GOOOO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candi said...

I know exactly what your talking about, Shane and I went on our weeks vaca to Orlando at the end of last year..2 months after I had started my "lifestyle change", thinking I would just get right back on track when we returned....yeah right! That didnt happen, I was so out of my mode! And it took me about 2 more months to get back into it......*sigh* live and learn....dont let vacations ruin your "mode". Im glad that your back on track though, keep it up!:)