Tuesday, May 20, 2008

computer crash, end of school year, scarfing food, and which one to blog...

Hey everybody!! :~P I am still here. My title says it all...my computer crashed so I had to reinstall everything...so it took a couple of days for that...because I procrastinated all weekend. But, I am happy to say my computer is up and running.

It is the end of the school year for the kids and can I tell you they are or should I say we are BUSY!! This is the last week and they are done after Thursday! I have to tell ya...they were saying that they don't have to go to school Thursday because it doesn't count as an absence anyway...and why would they make us go to school until 1030am...all we do is watch movies. So, the great MOM I am...I told them I contacted your teachers and Thursday is all set...so they are thinkin yeah we don't have to go to school! I told them (they are almost 12 & 14 mind you) I talked to your teachers and ya'll are all set to stay the full school day until 230pm and help put away everything for the summer and help clean classrooms...they looked at me in horror!!! HAHA...then I told them I was just joking. They were VERY relieved to know that it was a joke. :~P

Ok...scarfing food...this one is hard to type so I have to give you the WHOLE story sorry. I worked last night...let me rewind and give you a day in the life of me working minus the end (I usually don't scarf)...I got out of bed from my nap at about 3pm...cooked dinner which is everybody's favorite *(see below bottom post)...ate a few nibbles here and there...had a few reduced fat Cheese Its...was running behind schedule...took a shower got ready and left the house at 5:35pm because I had to go by the mall for the ever so important free gift from Lancome...made it to work for clock-in at 6:38pm...WAS NOT hungry...worked and worked until 10pm and then my stomach was just a talkin to me...so I went to Subway...was very good 6" turkey on wheat...baked lays...and a diet coke! Wellllllll when it came time for "lunch" at 1 am (when I normally eat when I work...not at 10pm)...I was NOT hungry. Okay...I got home at about 815am this morning...I was starving...I mean I was starving...I know you know what I am talking about that gnawing at the inside of your stomach...and I felt like I was going to die...yeah right...but that is what my little sleepy...stressed...hungry brain was telling me. I went through the kitchen like the tasmanian devil...and in no time I ate a Lean Cuisine chicken club pannini...a pack of peanut butter crackers...a glass of cran-grape juice (oh the calories and sugar before bed)...and oh a handful of reduced fat cheese its...oh then it's off to bed I go...because it's my night time. Can I tell you how embarrassed I felt for myself? I can't tell you how long it has been where I have just lost all self control and went through the kitchen like an uncontrollable 16 pound **chihuahua on prednisone...haha. But...it's done...it's over with...I MUST move on and not let it replay in my brain like I do for things that happened at work when I am trying so hard to go to sleep!! :)

Ok...which one to blog...I did set up an account on Blog to Lose...I am debating whether to post on this one...that one...or both??? I like it...but I don't necessarily like the fact that people see your every post...change...addition...maybe I just don't adjust to change very well. I do love the concept and I do love the options it gives you...that was my only beef with it...but I could get over that minor issue quickly!! :) I do however consider this my baby...my first blog...I am so torn. I know I am being silly but it is kind of like a boyfriend...HEEELLLPPP!! I don't know...I will think about it some more. What do ya'll think...??

As far as the exercise front...I am going to get on the treadmill once I finish this post. I have been neglecting it and I feel soooo much better when I exercise!! :~P

The scale...the scale is still fluctuating between 164.5-167...what can I say...the episode this morning will not tip the scale in the direction I want it to. Note to self: Scarfing food will only get you higher numbers on the scale...oh and give you heartburn!! :)

Sorry for such a long post and rant...I just had so much to say...and now I feel like it is all off my chest!!!

*baked chicken breasts with tom. sauce...a little salt, pepper, garlic, and onions...with a little bit of 2% fancy shredded mozzarella cheese...yummy!
**My chihuahua has Pemphigus (yes, for real...no he is not a pimp...it is a skin or mucous membrane disorder that causes ulcerations...when not treated...not so wonderful) and is on prednisone and has been for the last 7-8 months and he has gained 7.5 pounds...and he is fierce when he is hungry. LOL


MizFit said...

you have a ton going on.

me? hard drive crash of '03?

that triggered a LOT OF CARB EATING.

hand in there---


Crista said...

correction to my blog...i want david COOK to win........he's amazing...david A has all the teeny boppers...I was thinking about how much I don't like david A when i was typing and I guess I wrote his name on my blog instead...eek..im going to edit that quick!

Crista said...

by the way you have tooooo much going on........where are you on blog to lose...I am blogging on both..but I'm just copying the same post from here and putting it up there..