Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Day, Yummy Dinner, and a Wonderful Walk...

Okay...I feel like I really accomplished a lot today!! I went to the fruit/veggie stand...and spent $50...my goodness...atleast I know that it is good stuff going in my body!! Then I took my two growing boys grocery shopping at Wally-World...ummm I won't even go there with how much I spent...LOL! I did get some lean cuts of meat and I am really happy I have a stocked fridge and freezer. I used Roni's freezer method for my lean ground beef...I love packaging it that way.
I cleaned out the freezer...a bag of sugar had broken in the freezer and needless to say disaster!!! So, I finally took care of that and organized while I was at it!!
My son asked if he could clean the house today for $30 and I said oh yes you can (after I said cleaning all the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc....he agreed)...so he did that!!! YIPPPPPEEEE!!
I cooked dinner...and it was soooo good. My youngest son wanted stuffed bell pepper...so that's one of the things we bought at the fruit/veggie stand...I have a picture but it was after I had taken a bite... the pic doesn't look the best. I just had to show you what I cooked....yum!!

Then after dinner the hubby and I took a nice walk...wasn't Couch to 5k...but it was nice. I had to keep telling hubby to speed it up...LOL!! here is my walk...

The only thing lacking today is the water intake...which I am working on and hopefully will meet my goal!!
Oh yeah...and I had to buy some Breyers ff ice cream (chocolate)...shame on me!! I hope I can eat just the serving size of 1/2 cup...haha!!
Hope everyone else had an awesome day!! :~P

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