Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well still sick...went to Urgent Care twice this week. They told me I had Bronchitis on Wednesday...had flu shot in October...went back this am because I felt like I was suffocating. Long story short...I got a breathing felt wonderful. Also, testing me for the flu and voila I have the flu!!! :( This MD told me flu shot seems to last 3 months...that would be about right....ok off my soap box.

I really haven't been following points or anything because I have just been in bed and not eating much...well after a breathing treatment...and feeling a little better....what did I do...ate Popeyes. Yes I did! That is why I am posting this so maybe I will be better the rest of the day! :)

Well I am off to get back in bed. I hope to be back on track by that I mean...eating normal, counting points, exercising, and all that good stuff!

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